LISREL for Windows (Jöreskog & Sörbom 2006) is a 32-bit Windows application that interfaces with the 32-bit statistical applications PRELIS, LISREL, MULTILEV, MAPGLIM, SURVEYGLIM, CATFIRM and CONFIRM.   


PRELIS is a 32-bit application for manipulating data, transforming data, generating data, computing moment matrices, computing asymptotic covariance matrices, regression analyses, exploratory factor analyses, multiple imputation, bootstrapping, etc.


LISREL fits structural equation models to complete and incomplete complex survey, multilevel and simple random sample data.


MULTILEV fits linear and nonlinear models to multilevel data.


MAPGLIM fits Generalized LInear Models (GLIMs) to multilevel data.


SURVEYGLIM fits generalized linear models (GLIMs) to simple random sample and complex survey data.


CATFIRM and CONFIRM implements formal inference-based recursive modeling for categorical and continuous dependent variables respectively.